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Hello, I’m Kairen Cullen and I’m a Chartered Educational Psychologist. I work with children, young people, parents and individual adults to help them achieve educational and personal success. My work can be described as research in practice.  I also have four young adult children of my own.

I can help with a tremendous variety of learning and behavioural issues such as family issues, e.g. new siblings, sibling rivalry; relationships; holidays and festivals; loss and bereavement, achievement; media involvement; healthy eating and obesity; sleep issues; and alcohol and drugs. School issues including starting/changing/leaving school; home-school collaboration; exams; behavioural difficulties; and expulsions. Specific learning difficulties include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and attention issues. I can also focus on key areas affecting school life such as attendance, friendships, bullying, shyness, relationships and sex education.

I support people with social communication difficulties, lifestyle management and Higher Education choices. In addition I support people to workplace and home conflict and communication management. I can clarify your questions and the changes you’d like to see happen. I’ll find out as much as possible about the factors and influences that are contributing to your situation in order to provide professional advice. I use ‘positive psychology’ with a firm commitment to the humanistic psychology principles of acceptance, congruence and empathy.

I draw upon a number of applied psychology approaches including cognitive behaviour therapy, art therapy, family therapy, solution focused brief therapy and personal construct psychology.

I believe it is essential to ‘walk the talk’ and to always provide services which I would be happy for myself or a member of my own family to receive.  Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of children, young people and adults. I’ve consistently received  positive feedback about the difference my work has made and I look forward to being able to help many others.

In recent years I have taken up creative writing. Working as a practitioner psychologist demands a lot of me as a person so using my imagination to write novels, short stories, poetry and screen plays has been both liberating and in some ways, therapeutic. My writing draws upon experiences in various worlds such as professional psychology, the construction industry, family life, travel, the law and sport but is always fictional. It’s early days for me as a creative writer but this is definitely an area I am working hard to develop.