My Practice

About my practice:

I work with children, young people, parents and individual adults to help them achieve educational and personal success and well being. My work can be described as research in practice and I help with a tremendous variety of learning and behavioural issues. Whenever I meet a new client I clarify questions and looked for changes and/or information. I work to find out as much as possible about the factors and influences that are contributing to the situation. I use ‘positive psychology’ with a firm commitment to the humanistic psychology principles of acceptance, congruence and empathy. Along with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of psychological theory I draw on upon a number of applied psychology approaches including cognitive behaviour therapy, art therapy, family therapy, solution focused brief therapy and personal construct psychology.

I believe it is essential to ‘walk the talk’ and to always provide services which I would be happy for myself or a loved one to receive. I offer support for family issues including new siblings and sibling rivalry; relationships; holidays and festivals; loss and bereavement, academic achievement; media involvement; healthy eating and obesity; sleep issues; alcohol and drugs. School issues include starting/changing/leaving school; literacy and numeracy skills development, home-school collaboration; exams; behavioural difficulties; and expulsions. Specific learning difficulties include dyslexia, dyspraxia, and attention issues. I also focus on key areas affecting school life such as attendance, study skills, friendship, bullying, shyness, relationships and sex education.

I am married and have four young adults of my own so have a great deal of first hand experience of family life, child development and the challenges and joys of adolescence and early adulthood. With children and adults, I can offer expert advice on specific learning difficulties of a dyslexic, dyspraxic, dyscalculic and dysgraphic nature. I support people with social communication difficulties, lifestyle management and Higher Education choices. I also support people to manage workplace and home conflict and communication issues.

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of different clients, including organisations and the community and I have received positive feedback about the difference my work has made. I relish the prospect of meeting new clients and taking on new opportunities.