Educational Psychologist Experience

I am a chartered educational psychologist in independent practice. ‘KCCPS LLP’ was set up in 2006. Until 2006 I worked as an educational psychologist in Local Education Authority contexts. I have provided applied psychology services to children, young people, adults, families, schools, other organisations and the community in a range of fields including education, health, sport and the media. This has included extensive individual assessment work with children, young people and adults. I have my own practice and work regularly with a number of higher education institutions. I served as chair of the Division of Educational and Child Psychology, British Psychological Society (BPS) and Deputy Chair of the Professional Practice Board for the whole society in 2002. I have contributed actively to the work of the British Psychological Society (BPS), for example, through membership of the BPS Press and Media Committee and consultation and working party work on behalf of the Society. I have written for a number of academic and educational publications and worked with radio, television and press. I hold a current certificate of competence in testing and a data processing license. I am DBS registered. I have worked with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, DfES, as a consultant. I have written for a number of academic, general and educational publications including the ‘Times Educational Supplement’.


Independent Practice – ‘Kairen Cullen Chartered Psychologist Services’

Complex casework 0 – 19 years and adult

Assessment and intervention at individual, group and organisational levels

Higher Education Assessment Services, including Disabled Student Allowance assessment work. Examples of universities with whom I have worked include Anglia Ruskin University, Goldsmiths College, School of Oriental and African Studies, Imperial College, UCL, Institute of Education, University of London, Kingston University and The Middlesex University. School-based assessment and consultation

Family work

Legal work

Special Educational Needs tribunal work

Staff development

Organisational consultancy, e.g. National Assessment Agency Research

Media work including television, radio and popular literature

Conflict mediation

Personal development


2003 – 2006

Senior Educational Psychologist EPS, Islington CEA@Islington

ESBD SEN service area lead

Supervision/appraisal EP colleagues

EP strategic link for DfES funded BEST, BIP, CAMHs & other initiatives

Direct EPS delivery to schools & community

Tutor for ‘Applied Psychological Therapies’ (APT)

Professional development courses for public service and private organisations nationwide re variety of psychological approaches, including: ‘Brief Solution-Focused Therapy’ with adults and children and adolescents, ‘Behaviour Management’, ‘Conflict Mediation’, ‘Risk Assessment & Management’, ‘Care of Dementia and Strokes’ ‘Cognitive Behavioural therapy’



Havering, Essex EPS, Havering LEA

Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist

Setting up & co-ordination of EPS Sure Start community-based project

Management & supervision of family workers

Direct EPS delivery to schools & community

2001 Buckinghamshire EPS, Bucks LEA

Specialist Educational Psychologist

Setting up & co-ordination of Behaviour Support Team for county

Specialist ESBD EP services to school & community

Direct EPS delivery to schools & community


1995– 2001

Enfield EPS, CFCS3

Educational Psychologist

EP input to Child & Family Consultation Service, including family therapy team involvement, joint work with social services and health

Direct EPS delivery to schools & community

Link EP for specialist provision for emotionally/physically vulnerable children & young people

Input to critical incident support team for LEA


Professional Experience prior to EP training


1974 – 1994

Parenting (35 years) 4 children

11 years teaching in early years, primary, secondary and special schools

School governor for 7 years

Art therapy training

Nurse training



1979–1984 Polytechnic of North London

Bed (Primary Curriculum)

1991 – 1994 Middlesex University Middlesex

BSc Psychology (2:1)

1994 – 1995 Institute of Education University of London

MSc Professional Educational Psychology

2011 Institute of Education University of

London, PhD awarded February, 2011


Continuing Professional Development

Pearsons Assessment UK Ltd. (Psychological Corporation) Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, fourth edition, UK. (WAIS IV UK)

GL Assessment Ltd, British Ability Scales (BAS) III – Cambridge University re-standardisation project

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – various short courses, Association of Psychological Therapies (APT)

Centre for Child Mental Health Life History work

Association of Personal Construct Psychology – various short courses

Dr Barnet and David Fleischmann, Optometrist, Society of coloured lenses prescribers – ‘Visual correlates of dyslexia’, Visual Stress Syndrome’ and ‘Use of Colour in Dyslexia’

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia(DANDA, membership ongoing)

Dyslexia/dyspraxia short course (University College London)

Dynamic assessment, Hampshire Educational Psychology Service, Professor David Tzuriel, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice (ACHIPPP) – various short courses including dysexecutive syndrome, child protection, PDA and expert witness work

Bond Solon expert witness, including report writing, cross-examination skills and family law. Certificate awarded 2012

Professional practice discussion/supervision groups with colleague EPs on a fortnightly to monthly basis

Membership of Association of Educational Psychologists, AEP

Contribution to National Committee for Evaluation of Tests for SpLD

Assessment & Identification (STEC) initiative re dyspraxia – paper in progress to be submitted for publication

Educational Psychologists Special Interest Group in Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Institute of Education

Cognitive Neuroscience lectures, Wellcome Centre.

Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) lectures and membership

Applying the Mental Health Act 2005 in Education for EPs

 Professional Association of Teachers of students with Specific Learning

Difficulties (PATOSS) lectures and membership

Tavistock Clinic and Portman Trust – CONFER events, various including  Psychodynamics of sibling relationships, twins, professional practice

British Psychological Society – London and Home Counties events, various including lectures on Psychology and the Media, The Psychology of Fashion, The Psychology of Illusion


Professional Interests

British Psychological Society: Associate fellow, Deputy Chair

Professional Practice Board 2002-2003, Chair Division of Education and Child Psychology (DECP) 2000-2003, Editor of and contributor to DECP newsletter, The Psychologist (BPS), Professional advisor to BPS conduct and fitness to practice panels and conflict mediation pilot project

Membership of BPS Media and Press Committee and Media Ethics Group (linked with DFE working group on Children and Performance)

Consultant for Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, National Assessment Bureau 2004, 2005 and 2006, ongoing

Input to training courses: Member of DECP training committee (2002) supervisor of EPs in training for Tavistock & Portman Clinic, University of East London, University College, University of London, Institute of Education, University of London EP training courses.

BPS/HPC Accreditation of Exeter, Belfast (Queen’s) University and Institute of Education EP training courses

Contributor and lead to various BPS responses to government consultations on sex and relationships education, schools’ role in pupil well-being, learning difficulties assessment guidance, pupils bullying and abuse of staff, young people and alcohol, Children’s commissioner for England, Teacher management and appraisal, Personal, Social and Health Education

DECP representative for various BPS cross-divisional working groups including supervision and psychological aspects of obesity


Creative Writing Courses

Guardian workshops on novel writing, dialogue, plot development, including ‘Pitching your book Masterclass with Danuta Kean’ and ‘NARRATIVE POINT OF VIEW’ Rachel Cusk,

Guardian Review Book Club, various evening lectures

South Bank Literature events and workshops

6 month evening course in Screen writing – Rob Ritchie How to write an original script: Accredited by UEA/Guardian Certificate in Creative Writing

3 month evening course Faber Academy, Bloomsbury ‘Edit your Novel’– Helen Francis

Bloomsbury Group ‘How to get published weekend workshop

‘Women’s Writing Collective’ – IOE UCL – general writing group meets every two/three months throughout the year

Various informal writing groups

Year long writer mentoring scheme ‘Gold Dust’ with Jill Dawson