Professional Publications:

  • Cullen, K. & Shaldon, C. (2003) ‘Learning to Read Children’s Emotional Experience’ Educational and Child Psychology Vol.20 (4)
  • Cullen, K. & Ramoutar, L (2003) ‘Building fresh perceptions of a class: Turning ‘horrors into lovelies’ Educational and Child Psychology Vol.20 (4)
  • Cullen, K & Monroe. (2010) ‘Using positive relationships to engage the disengaged: An educational psychologist-initiated project involving professional sports input to a Pupil Referral Unit’ Educational and Child Psychology Vol.27 (1)Cullen, K.
  • ‘Introducing Child Psychology’ (2011) Icon Books.
  • Articles published in ‘The Psychologist, ‘Living Well’, ‘Active Health’ ‘Royal College of Midwifes’ publications re parenting and relationships, ‘Child Care’, ‘5-7 Education’ magazine, ‘Education Plus’ and the ‘Times Educational Supplement’.


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