What is psychology?

Pyche is the Greek word meaning ‘life’ from which the word Psychology derives, which is the study of people’s minds and mental processes such as thinking , feeling, learning, perception, problem-solving , information processing and their behaviour. It is a…

Science based upon research and theory, aiming to objectively and systematically find patterns and deepen understanding about…

Your life and those of other unique people and their situations. It always explores and takes account of the person’s….

Context and recognises the importance of time and place as a way of understanding…

How we behave and live….

Our complex lives in a complex world. Psychology is concerned with people’s

Learning, emotions, relationships, spirituality and explores human behaviour through

Observation, testing, researching, interviewing, surveying, measuring and many other methods. The subject is diverse and creative and always

Growing in an attempt to support

Your mental health and general well being and that of society as a whole